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COVID-19 is teaching us difficult lessons. Here's one person's video "thanking" the conora virus for all the lessons we are learning.

Laughter. Long-time EMS friend, Ted Swartz, writes, "Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, improving resistance to disease."  Watch a few Ted & Company videos here.

Ted Swartz of Ted & Company Theatre Works

Area churches have cancelled Sunday morning worship. Some are offering virtual alternatives. Let us know of additions to this list by emailing


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Words of encouragement from teachers...

I want students to come away with a feeling of warmth and closeness during this time, not a feeling of stress or anxiety. Our goal is to keep moving, not to keep up, and my biggest goal for your kids is a feeling of safety, comfort, and connection during this strange time. All else matters much less.  -- Heidi Byler , third grade
This is unknown territory.  You have a lot on your plate!  Not only are you being asked to keep life moving, you are also "homeschooling" your children now.  I recently read this and it hit home for me..."This is not normal.  Lean into whatever feels best for your family, whatever makes sense for your children, whatever allows you the mental and emotional space to be okay for the next few weeks.  I'm hoping for you all ease, peace, rest, play, companionship, conversations, and moments of joy as we all squirm our way through social distancing and figure this out together.  You're doing great."  -- Erika Gascho, fifth grade
There are so many other ways they can learn besides just doing assignments from me. Playing a game, building with Legos, cooking, listening to music, doing yard work... it's all teaching them something!  -- Bethany Gibbs, fourth grade