Ignite Your Flame Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes students who are developing an awareness of their unique inner "flame:" the talents, interests and gifts they have to offer the world. Applicants are interested in reaching their full potential to serve their school, congregation and wider community.

Recipients of the Leadership Scholarship for New High School Students will receive up to 50 percent off of the regular high school tuition rate.*

Students who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • High school students who do not attend EMS and will enter grades 9 through 12 in the next school year.
  • Students who have demonstrated strong academic performance. Students who will enter grade 9 will be evaluated based on middle school grades and SOL proficiency; homeschool students will be evaluated based on review of course content and course work/testing.
  • Excellent character, strong communication skills, a service orientation, and a desire to participate in an active school community.
  • Demonstrated leadership in student’s current school, congregation, and/or community organization.
  • Current participation in a co-curricular activity such as sports, drama, music, band, etc.
  • An appreciation for the interconnectedness of all people, and a desire to make an impact on society.
Deadline for applications is March 15. One or more recipients of this scholarship will be chosen. Recipients will be notified beginning April 1.

*Tuition rate is calculated based on applicable tuition reductions. Scholarship discount will be applied after reductions are calculated. Families who qualify 

To apply please:

  1. Complete the online application(Additional documents are also required for admission and include references and school transcripts.)
  2. Submit an essay of no more than 250 words to EMS admissions office (admissions@easternmennonite.org). Choose one of the following prompts:
  • How does a positive attitude play a role in leadership?
  • Describe a leader you know who has responded to a challenge in a positive way. Who is a leader you admire?
  • Describe a person you know or someone you would like to know.
  • How does he or she inspire you?
  • Are leaders born with leadership qualities or are those skills developed?
  • Describe a global or local issue you feel passionately about, and explain how you could lead others to follow your cause.

3. Schedule a personal interview with EMS admissions counselor Marsha Thomas by calling 540-236-6021 or mailing  thomasm@easternmennonite.org

Student Council Organization officers at School Day Out 2019
Student Council Organization officers at School Day Out 2019