Athletics: Sacred Space

By Andrew Gascho, Athletic Director and Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

I believe participation in sports at EMS provides a sacred space for students to explore their gifts and step outside their comfort zone.

Our student-athletes make lifelong friendships, create impactful memories, and learn life skills within a caring team environment. With the support and mentoring of coaches, they commit to being part of something greater than themselves and learn to support others as they strive to do their personal best.

Participating in a sport provides an invaluable mental break from the classroom, giving athletes a chance each day to disconnect from the world and have fun with some of their closest friends.

More broadly, I see EMS athletics providing a consistent way for our students, faculty, staff, families and community members to come together, often multiple times a week. Fans deepen friendships when they gather and celebrate success, and support through disappointments.

These moments are where lives are transformed through sport.

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