Class of ’23: Diversely Cohesive

By Andrea Wenger, director of advancement

Abby Garber with Bible teacher Benjamin Bixler. Garber will attend Wellesley College this fall and pursue a major in political science with a minor in religious studies. Photo courtesy Amanda Miller Garber

Emily Hess and Andrew Lantz described their class as “diversely cohesive” in the final chapel of the year. Covid-19 shaped their class of 33, which spent much of their high school career online, masked, and socially distanced.

“We had to rely entirely on each of our own personal wills to interact and socialize with each other,” Hess and Lantz noted. “These losses of activities and social opportunities caused our class structure to be somewhat divided…”

The group began to bond, however, in the fall of ’22 with their time in Washington, DC. Many listed “senior trip” as a favorite memory during end-of- year presentations.

With this issue of Today, we celebrate the class of ’23 and other milestones marked this spring at EMS, thankful for graduates who are ready to go into the world and be part of God’s work.

Seniors decorated (and cleaned up!) the auditorium for the final chapel of the year.