E-Term and Explore Week

By Andrea Schrock ’82 Wenger, Director of Advancement

the Endless Caverns group, part of the "Fly a Plane and Hike a Cave" E-term group, led by Mary Cranston.

“Slavery in Rockingham County,” singing together for the first time, and learning from area streams were among the experiences offered to students in mid-April. The days were a COVID-adjusted and safe alternative to the usual week-long spring experiential learning offered for grades 6-12 known as E-term and Explore Week.

The group experiences included:

  • Advocacy and Affirmation with Shannon Roth
  • Day Mountain Hikes with Paul Leaman and Jennifer Young
  • Dungeons and Dragons with Malea Gascho and Jodi Hertzler
  • Fishing in the Valley with Andrew Gascho and Justin King
  • Fly a Plane and Hike a Cave with Mary Cranston
  • Golf: Business and Service with Chad Seibert
  • Jewelry Crafting with Anna Haarer and Julianne Ross
  • Mountain Biking and Service with Sarah Mitch
  • Online Ultimate Smash Brothers with Kevin Carini
  • Service, Silence, and Solitude with Curt Stutzman
  • Touring Choir at Highland Retreat with Jared Stutzman, Christine Fairfield, and Jesse Blosser
  • 6th and 7th grade at Riven Rock and Lake at Cedar Hill
  • 8th grade in downtown Harrisonburg and at Camp Brethren Woods

“We were so grateful for the chance to learn to know each other and God’s world in different settings, including the glorious springtime of the Shenandoah Valley,” said Paul Leaman, head of school, who led two hikes in Shenandoah National Park.