EMS Faith Practices

By Andrea Wenger, Director of Advancement

An EMS Faith Formation Hub developed this content to post throughout the school as a reminder of our foundation.

  • Our students are encouraged to grow in relationship with Jesus and to follow Jesus daily in life through attitudes and practice.
  • Our students grow in understanding the process of Biblical discernment by asking questions, practicing spiritual disciplines, including serving others, prayer, studying scripture, and engaging with other people of faith.
  • Our students grow in their understanding of stewardship of all God has entrusted to them, including the natural environment.
  • Our faculty and staff invites parents and churches to partner in each student’s faith formation.
  • Our faculty and staff are committed to following Jesus Christ in their lives which includes being peacebuilders, practicing nonviolence, seeking justice,
    using restorative practices, serving others, and being part of a reconciling faith community.
  • Our school community is responsive to cultural, racial, and socioeconomic diversity and enables students to practice global awareness, cultural sensitivity, anti-racism and compassionate living.
  • Our school community regularly engages in participatory communal worship through singing together.
  • Our school community is committed to walk with each other in love, even when we openly disagree.

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