EMS: More than Academics

By Marsha Thomas , Admissions Counselor

Students acting as Supreme Court justices in Shannon Roth’s Constitutional Law class asked questions to student lawyers who were presenting the Supreme Court of the United States case, United States v. Taylor.

Marsha Thomas, Admissions Counselor

Prospective parents sometimes ask me, “Why should we choose a Mennonite education for our student?” My answer? An EMS education offers strong academics and so much more!

When they visit, I hope they – and their student – can feel that EMS is a place where:

  • Joy for learning is cultivated. Teachers know each student and create space for exploration, questions, and risk taking.
  • Life skills grow. From kindergarten work stations to senior presentations, students
    are coached to communicate, collaborate, develop self awareness and empathy, and learn conflict resolution skills.
  • We are a community. Relationships are as important as academic success, and we strive to be a place where everyone belongs. When we get it wrong, we hear from those who have been harmed, and work to repair relationships.
  • We are grounded in faith. Jesus is our guide as we learn and grow together.

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