Integrity Through Stewardship

By Mary Golden Hughes, EMS Director of Advancement

The 2015-16 Christmas Fund Drive campaign came to a successful close this January with students, faculty and staff raising over $154,000 toward the school’s annual fund, which supports the school budget as well as student financial aid needs.

An EMS tradition of student stewardship and integrity, Christmas Fund Drive began in 1955 when EMS students would often work and donate their earned wages back to their school to show support. Today student volunteers in grades 6-12 work with the EMS Advancement department during the six-week multi-platform fundraising campaign, which includes writing personal letters to alumni and friends of EMS, hosting phone-a-thons, asking for donations, and working to donate earned wages directly to the campaign like EMS students did in the 1950s and 1960s.

The overall emphasis of the campaign is participation and ownership in the livelihood of our school. Through participation students put the integrity portion of our mission statement into action through setting goals individually and as a class. Students are encouraged by peers serving on the committee to take part in the campaign and ensure its success. Students are also motivated to participate through inter-grade competition and motivational rewards, including earning an extra day off from school during spring break. Additionally, the Middle School class and the High School class which raises the most funds per student earns a planned reward day away from school to celebrate.

For this year’s campaign, 70% of students participated and assisted in exceeding the goal of $150,000. For the Middle School division competition, the 7th grade (Class of 2021) won, raising $13,456 or $363 per student. For the High School division, Seniors (Class of 2016) won, raising $42,272 or $844 per student. We are thankful for the leadership shown by these classes and all students who actively participated in the campaign. Above all, we are grateful for the caring EMS community of alumni, donors and friends who value our mission and give generously to sustain it.

For more information on the EMS Annual Fund or Christmas Fund Drive campaign, contact Mary Golden Hughes, EMS Director of Advancement at (540) 236-6026 or You may also support our Annual Fund needs by using the envelope inserted in this issue or by donating online at

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