State of the School 2021: A New Era

By Paul Leaman, Head of School

One year ago, the image here showed the same trees in full bloom and an empty sidewalk. This spring the same scene was filled with life thanks to masks, distancing, and other safety measures.

Most of Eastern Mennonite School’s 357 students, K to 12, came to school daily throughout the 2020-21 school year.

Our students wore masks, kept distance, wiped desks, ate lunch outside (a good change!), adjusted to new schedules, and limited interactions to smaller groups. Some did classwork from home for the safety of compromised family members, because of a part-time job, or due to involvement in other activities that increased their possible exposure to COVID-19.

It was hard in many ways. But it also brought our learning community together in care, support, and encouragement for one another.
I cannot adequately thank our families who took health screening practices seriously, our flexible and committed teachers, and our students whose attitudes were exemplary. We all felt the encouragement of our alumni and supporters. Read on for more stories of grace, learning, and hope in a time of COVID.