Strategic Pathways Guide EMS Toward 2022

By Paul Leaman, Head of School

Elementary building celebration. Left to right: Mike Stoltzfus, director of business affairs; Wayne Witmer, Harman Construction; Jeff Shank, EMS board chair; Charles Hendricks, Gaines Group Architects; Marlowe Nichols ‘27; Maria Archer, K-8 principal; Teresa Anders, board of trustees; Frank Oncken, Chamber of Commerce; Paul Leaman, head of school.

Strategic plans generally go one of two ways: Onto a shelf where they collect dust, or into the
life blood of a living, breathing organization’s story.

My vision for our new Strategic Pathways to 2022 is the latter. Our Board of Directors – under the leadership of chair Jeff Shank ’91 – adopted the document in October 2019. I then developed a strategic plan progress dashboard to make sure our plan didn’t slink off to the shelf.

Members of the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) regularly plug in numbers and notes to track how we are doing with the intentions we have set collaboratively.

“How does this fit in the strategic plan?” “Which sub-point does this fulfill?” These are questions raised at both SLT meetings and around tables over discussions in the dining hall or when principals meet with teachers, or staff plan events.

With this issue of Today, we share our vision and examples of the progress we tally and celebrate, even as we adapt the plan and strive for more.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, contributions, and support as we move forward. Full plan at:

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