Should I Submit My Test Scores?

COVID can be thanked for one thing: more colleges are test-optional than ever before. With the 2022-23 application cycle, we’re seeing some colleges reverting back to requiring scores, but many have seen the light and no longer require them. Click HERE for the best, most up-to-date info on test-blind and test-optional colleges.

So now the big question lies with you as you prepare to apply: To send or not to send?

Only send your scores if they will help you. Colleges assure us that the absence of scores won’t lead to suspicion or assumptions that your scores were low–they’ll simply focus on the information you do send.

My advice: send your scores if they will place you in the top 50th percentile of admitted students. This means you may find yourself submitting scores to some colleges and not to others. Keep track carefully! In Common App, make sure to make these changes before submitting, as once you click that “submit” button, you can’t take it back.

So how do you know the scores of admitted students? Check out this REALITY CHECKLIST developed by a colleague who generously organized this information. You’ll note she provided data for both 2020 and 2022; this is very helpful, as most colleges were test-optional in 2022, and students generally only submitted scores they were happy with, so they have an obvious bump. If your scores are in the range of admitted students (or above), it’s great to send them. If they’re toward the bottom of the range (or below), I wouldn’t.