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College Visit: The Five College Consortium

By Jodi | November 4, 2022

College visits are my favorite. Well, not really. I’d pick snorkeling in the Caribbean or eating soup in a British pub or a few other things over college visits . . . BUT, I still think visiting colleges is one of the best parts of my job. It’s so much fun to see different campuses…

Wait . . . What do I have to do again? (an application checklist for the seniors)

By Jodi | September 30, 2022

This one is for my seniors and the adults who are trying to help them navigate the application process. Every year, I meet with seniors several times to help get their applications completed and I walk them through the steps for submitting them. But over the years, I’ve learned that the process is kind of…

Making the Most of a College Fair

By Jodi | September 9, 2022

You’ve seen the fliers around school (and to the right): College Fair! All high school students invited! But what is a college fair? Are they even helpful, or are they just confusing and intimidating? A college fair is an event in which representatives from various colleges set up booths and share information about their college…

You’ve Gotta Visit!

By Jodi | September 7, 2022

Consistently, when I ask seniors what they wish they’d done differently when it comes to college application season, they say they wish they’d visited more colleges. A college visit is hands down the best way to get an accurate feel of the place. Look at enough websites and college brochures, and they all start to…

Should I Submit My Test Scores?

By Jodi | August 3, 2022

COVID can be thanked for one thing: more colleges are test-optional than ever before. With the 2022-23 application cycle, we’re seeing some colleges reverting back to requiring scores, but many have seen the light and no longer require them. Click HERE for the best, most up-to-date info on test-blind and test-optional colleges. So now the…

What to Do Each Year: 9th Grade

By Jodi | August 1, 2022

I’m in 9th grade. What should I be doing now to prepare for college? College seems very far away at the moment, but in a year, you’ll be taking the PSAT for the first time. Two years from now, you’ll be visiting campuses and building your list, and not long after that, you’ll be working…

What to Do Each Year: 10th Grade

By Jodi | August 1, 2022

I’m in 10th grade. What should I be doing now to prepare for college? With one year behind you, sophomore year is when you really feel settled into high school, but already it’s time to be looking ahead and making sure your decisions and actions will keep options open in the future. Continue to challenge yourself…

What to Do Each Year: Junior Year

By Jodi | August 1, 2022

It’s time to get serious! What should you be doing now? Fall: Focus on your grades! This year matters beyond all others. Take an AP/DE class or two if you can manage it successfully (for highly selective colleges, you should consider 3 APs). Start seeking leadership opportunities within your activities. In October: Take the PSAT.…

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