College Counseling

The mission of the EMHS college counseling program is to help each student discern the path that is best suited to them, and to walk beside each as they embark on that path. Our goal is to empower students to take responsibility for their college search and applications.

We strive to meet the unique needs of each student by:

  • building personal relationships
  • providing timely information about the process beginning in 9th grade
  • partnering with students and their families to determine college “fit”
  • offering continuous support as they make difficult and exciting decisions about the future.

Approximately 85 percent of our students choose to attend college immediately following graduation, so our primary focus is shepherding students and families through the complexities of college admissions. Because of EMHS’s emphasis on being Christ’s hands and feet in the world, some students choose to defer college enrollment for a gap year; we are excited to help them access missions/service programs or other gap year opportunities. The school’s intimate size allows us to work individually with students as they research college choices, complete applications, and write essays.

Mrs. Hertzler works so hard for each student to be able to pursue their goals, whether that be college, work, or a gap year program. She’ll spend hours working on recommendation letters and scholarship lists for us that include due dates and direct links to apply. -- Student entry on


Jodi Nisly Hertzler

College Counselor

College, career and service planning; application assistance

Member, National Association for College Admission Counseling; certified in College Counseling from UCLA Extension


Mary Jo Veurink

Counseling Office Assistant
Transcripts and other school documentation


Patsy Seitz

Director of Academics
Course scheduling, diploma options, testing coordination

Our Philosophy:

At EMHS the college selection process is . . .

  • not about prestige and name recognition
  • all about finding the college that suits you best
  • a meaningful and important journey of self-discovery, growth, and discernment
  • a partnership between students, parents, and the school
  • highly individualized based on students’ needs

College Admission Representatives:

We would love to schedule a visit! Sign up through SCOIR.

CEEB Code: 471030

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EMHS uses the Scoir platform to gather and send transcripts and supporting documents to colleges.

Each student will have a Scoir account beginning in 9th grade. Parents are encouraged to create a linking account.

Scoir can be used for college searches and recommendations, career inventories, signing up for college rep visits, and communicating with the college counseling office. Students and parents may click on the logo to sign on.


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EMHS College Counseling Services, Year by Year

Planning for college can feel daunting, but starting early and breaking the process into workable steps makes it manageable. Each year, we work with students in multiple ways to make sure they’re prepared. We are available at any time for meetings with students and/or parents. Contact us to schedule an appointment! Email or phone: 540-236-6005.

Freshman Year:

  • The College Counselor will visit 9th grade English classes for two days in the winter to discuss goal setting, course planning, and what colleges are looking for.
  • Students will begin to develop their resumes on Scoir.
  • As students plan their schedules with school counselors and the Director of Academics, they’ll learn about diploma options and will receive personalized guidance as they plan courses for their sophomore year.

Sophomore Year:

  • Each sophomore will take the PSAT in October.
  • Every year in English 10, students embark in career exploration which culminates in a research paper about one particular career option.
  • The College Counselor will visit the class for two days in the winter to provide an overview of the college application process and timeline, explain terminology and the variety of options available, and begin researching specific colleges that might be a good fit.
  • School counselors and the Director of Academics will continue to work with each student as they plan course schedules.
  • Students are encouraged to start visiting colleges between sophomore and junior years.

Junior Year:

  • Juniors will take the PSAT again, this time as the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Program, as well as the last formal practice before taking the SATs in the spring.
  • In the winter, the College Counselor will be a two-day guest lecturer in World History, providing a more in-depth workshop on researching specific colleges and the steps of college applications.
  • In February/March, students will meet with the College Counselor one-on-one to discuss their hopes for their college experience and to develop a plan for their college application process (testing dates, college visits, senior year courses, etc.).
  • The College Counselor is available to provide specific college recommendations based on student preferences, academic performance, and standardized test results.
  • Juniors should take the SAT and/or the ACT at least once in the spring/summer of junior year.
  • All juniors will work on their college essays in Advanced Composition.
  • Juniors are invited to meet with college reps that visit the campus.

Senior Year:

  • Seniors complete their standardized testing by the fall of senior year.
  • The College Counselor will meet with each student and their parents in August/September to finalize their college lists, make sure they’re on track, and answer questions.
  • All seniors are strongly encouraged to participate in a two-day Application Kickstart workshop in August before school starts.
  • The College Counselor will visit Government classes the second week of school for a final two-day session, walking students through the steps of completing applications, sending transcripts, and requesting teacher letters of recommendation.
  • Throughout the fall semester, the College Counselor will regularly meet with seniors as they complete applications, polish essays, and gather recommendations and other school forms.
  • Seniors are invited to meet with college reps that visit the campus.