Finding Your Fit

College Visit: The Five College Consortium

College visits are my favorite. Well, not really. I’d pick snorkeling in the Caribbean or eating soup in a British pub or a few other things over college visits . . . BUT, I still think visiting colleges is one of the best parts of my job. It’s so much fun to see different campuses…

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Making the Most of a College Fair

You’ve seen the fliers around school (and to the right): College Fair! All high school students invited! But what is a college fair? Are they even helpful, or are they just confusing and intimidating? A college fair is an event in which representatives from various colleges set up booths and share information about their college…

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You’ve Gotta Visit!

Consistently, when I ask seniors what they wish they’d done differently when it comes to college application season, they say they wish they’d visited more colleges. A college visit is hands down the best way to get an accurate feel of the place. Look at enough websites and college brochures, and they all start to…

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