"This is my story," is the chapel theme for 2020-21. Chapel for grades 6 to 12 will take place by video or live stream in classrooms simultaneously each day this year due to COVID-19 distancing. Tuesdays will be used for reunión del Grupo de vecinos meetings (second block cohorts) for a time for discussion and mutual support.

EMS' vision is to be a “learning community where every student belongs, thrives and lives God’s call.” In chapel this year, we will hear stories from students, faculty and staff, alumni and friends about times when they felt they belonged, and times when they felt they didn’t belong. Our goal is to develop courage to share honestly with each other, compassionate hearts for hearing each other's joys and challenges, and skills for making everyone feel welcome. 

Chapel schedule is at If you have a story to tell, email the chapel coordinator, at

Join us

Everyone is welcome to view chapel services on the EMS Chapel Youtube channel. Subscribe to get a notification when a new video is posted. Due to COVID-19 safety protocol, guests are not invited into the building for chapel at this time.