Estudiantes Internacionales

EMS has a long history of welcoming international students from many countries including Albania, China, Colombia, Germany, Iran, Israel, Korea, Paraguay, Nigeria, and South Africa. We accept international applications for grades 9-12.

We are located two hours by car from Washington, D.C., and are near several colleges and universities.

Our international program is designed to improve a student’s English proficiency with individualized instruction and excellent academics. We offer a wide variety of courses in math and science, technology, the humanities, and the creative and performing arts. Students work one-to-one with faculty and with our College & Career Counselor for a transcript that is well suited for college admissions.

International students live with a host family so that they can prepare for independent living in the U.S. and for greater success at an English-speaking university. Living with a family greatly increases a student's English proficiency.

Recent international graduates have attended Franklin and Marshall College, James Madison University, Rutgers University, St. Louis University, Syracuse University, University of Arizona, University of California-San Diego, University of Tampa, and Virginia Tech.

Contact the admissions office for further information at o + 540-236-6021.

Requisitos de solicitud internacional

Solicitud en línea: Haga clic aquí para comenzar..

  • Request two references:  English teacher reference and math teacher reference.
  • Solicite registros escolares con una explicación del sistema de calificación, traducidos al inglés, que se envíen a admisiones de EMS.
  • iTEP® SLATE or Duolingo test for English proficiency. Minimum score is 4.0 (iTEP®) or 106 (Duolingo).
  • Copy of passport and proof of funding.
  • Video interview with the admissions office.
  • Examen físico completo por médico antes de salir de casa. El formulario físico de ingreso a la escuela de VA debe completarse y los estudiantes deben recibir las vacunas requeridas por el estado de Virginia.
  • Plazo de solicitud:
    1. Entrada al semestre de otoño en agosto:  May 1 with an application fee of $250US.
    2. Mid-year entrance:  comuníquese con for information and availability.

온라인 신청: 시작하려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

두 가지 참고 자료를 요청하세요. 영어 교사 참고 자료와 수학 교사 참고 자료입니다.
성적 체계에 대한 설명이 포함된 학교 기록을 요청하고 영어로 번역하여 EMS 입학처로 보냅니다.
영어 능력을 위한 iTEP® SLATE 테스트. 최소 점수는 4.0입니다. 영어 능력을 위한 Duolingo® 테스트. 최소 점수는 106입니다.
여권 사본 및 자금 증빙 자료.
학교의 국제 학생 담당관과의 비디오 인터뷰.
집을 떠나기 전에 의사의 종합적인 신체 검사. VA 학교 입학 신체검사 양식을 작성해야 하며 버지니아 주에서 요구하는 예방 접종을 학생들에게 제공해야 합니다.
신청 마감:
8월 가을 학기 입학: 5월 1일(신청비 $250US)
중기 입학: 정보 및 이용 가능 여부는 Admission@eastmennonite.org에 문의하세요.

We require an iTEP® SLATE score of 4.0 or a Duolingo score of 106 for admission.

The admissions counselor will interview the student by video call. This will be arranged during the admissions process. It will last approximately 45 minutes.

Adquirir una visa
Una vez admitido e inscrito, la oficina de admisiones enviará al estudiante un formulario I-20 para solicitar una visa F-1 de la Embajada de los Estados Unidos en el país de origen del estudiante.

All new international students are required to attend an orientation in mid-August, one week before classes begin. We strongly encourage parents to accompany their student to orientation and make arrangements to stay in the area for several days as their student adjusts. We are happy to assist parents with lodging.

La semana de orientación ofrece a los estudiantes tiempo para instalarse en su nuevo hogar y ofrece a los padres la oportunidad de conocer a la familia anfitriona y al personal de la escuela. Durante la orientación, los estudiantes aprenden sobre la escuela y completan pruebas de ubicación para garantizar el apoyo adecuado.

Faculty, staff, and host families provide support for students throughout the year. The admissions office will also assist students with travel arrangements for Christmas and summer breaks.