Taos, New Mexico with Lizzy Miller and Jennifer Young
MDS E-term in Hurley, Va. Center left in pink shirt, Fortuna Chipeta. To her right in red is Lewis Yoder.
Andrew Lantz and Emily Hess shared reflections on the class of '23 in their last chapel

Eastern Mennonite School se compromete a trabajar con las familias para que nuestra escuela sea lo más asequible posible, teniendo en cuenta que las familias están invirtiendo en el crecimiento y la educación de sus hijos cuando pagan la matrícula.

Deadline for Scholarships Feb. 28 (recipients will be notified starting March 15)

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Beca STEM de Blauch Brothers recognizes qualifying high school students with interests in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics along with students interested in vocational training.
  • Leadership Scholarships  recognize students in grades 9 through 12 who are developing an awareness of their unique inner "flame:" the talents, interests and gifts they have to offer the world.
  • Multicultural Scholarship recognizes the value of diversity within our student body to help us build a learning community that better reflects our local area. FACTS is required and is available on February 1.

Los detalles y las pautas de aplicación están disponibles en cada página.

Comuníquese con Chris Eberly, business office manager with any questions.

Disclaimer: A scholarship award for one year is not guaranteed at the same level of funding for subsequent years. Students attending high school who receive tuition funding from a partner church aid plan and students of EMS employees are not eligible for these scholarships. Please note that applications often exceed funds available.

"I have always loved helping people because it gives me motivation in life to push through. There is no better feeling than the joy of others feeling satisfied after a change is made." - EMS Student, '25

"I have experienced firsthand how having a positive attitude directly impacts leadership. On the school soccer team during my time as an underclassman, the upperclassman would give me positive encouragement. This made me respect them more and helped me feel more confident and improve." -EMS Student, '25

"As a leader, it is important to understand all views in any situation. This way you have an understanding of others around you." - EMS Student, '26