Carmen Strite Miller Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes students who are developing an awareness of their unique inner "flame:" the talents, interests and gifts they have to offer the world. This scholarship honors the life of Carmen Strite Miller '71 who modeled kindness, generosity, and leadership that improved the people and organizations around her.


Students who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • High school students who will enter grades 9 through 12 in the next school year.
  • Students who have demonstrated strong academic performance. Students who will enter grade 9 from another school will be evaluated based on middle school grades and testing proficiency; homeschooled students will be evaluated based on review of course content and course work/testing. Recipients will be expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout their scholarship.
  • Excellent character, strong communication skills, a service orientation, and a desire to participate in an active school community.
  • Demonstrated leadership in student’s current school, congregation, and/or community organization.
  • Current participation in a co-curricular activity such as sports, theatre, music, band, etc. Recipients are expected to continue participation in co-curricular activities at EMS. In addition, they must be members of the EMS WeServe club throughout their scholarship.
  • An appreciation for the interconnectedness of all people, and a desire to make an impact on society.

To apply please:

  1. Complete the online application(Additional documents are also required for admission and include references, writing samples, and school transcripts.)
  2. Submit an essay of no more than 250 words to EMS admissions office. Essays may be uploaded through the admissions parent portal. Choose one of the following prompts:
    • How does a positive attitude play a role in leadership?
    • Describe a leader you know who has responded to a challenge in a positive way. How has this person inspired you?
    • Who is a leader you admire? Describe this person's leadership qualities.
    • Are people born with leadership qualities or are those skills developed?
    • Describe a global or local issue you feel passionately about, and explain how you could lead others to follow your cause.
  3. Schedule a personal interview with EMS admissions counselor Marsha Thomas at 540-236-6021 or
Deadline for applications is April 15. One or more recipients of this scholarship will be chosen as long as funding is available. Recipients will be notified starting May 1.

*Tuition rate is calculated based on published tuition rate minus any reductions in tuition. Scholarship discount will be applied after any reductions in tuition are calculated. 

Carmen Strite Miller '71 provided leadership on the EMS Board of Directors from 1991-2001. This leadership scholarship seeks to instill in EMS students her pattern of giving beyond oneself.