Chapel Theme Invites Stories of Belonging

August 31, 2020 / Andrea Wenger
Chapel theme, 2020-21
Chapel theme, 2020-21

“This is my story,” is the theme for chapel this year for students grades 6 to 12 at Eastern Mennonite School.

Speakers are invited to share stories of times in their life when they felt they belonged, or did not belong. The theme developed over the summer as the school’s Racial Equity Group met, and it connects with the school’s vision to be a learning community “where every student belongs, thrives, and lives God’s call.”

“We recognize that not every student always feels like they belong here, or anywhere,” says Andrea Wenger, director of advancement who is coordinating chapels this year. “We know people of all ages, in all stages of life struggle with belonging at times. We hope that hearing peoples’ stories of belonging will help us all develop more empathy as well as curiosity to hear peoples’ stories and help them feel welcome.”

Chapel for grades 6 to 12 will take place by video or live stream in classrooms simultaneously each day this year due to COVID-19 precautions.

Chapel speakers are needed throughout the year. Chapel messages can be submitted by video or taped in an interview format. The school may also be able to welcome speakers to the auditorium stage to speak to a small group of students and livestream throughout the building as the year progresses.

If you would like to be considered for speaking in chapel, email Andrea Wenger, chapel coordinator, at

The chapel schedule can be found at Search for “Eastern Mennonite School chapel services” on YouTube to watch past chapels.

View the first few days of chapel:

Paul Leaman, head of school, shares opening day remarks
Justin King, high school principal, and Maria Archer, K-8 principal, shared updates on day 2
Andrea Wenger, director of advancement, introduced the chapel theme for the year
Debbie Katz, high school counselor, shares her story and about times of belonging

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