Middle School

Imagine a middle school where...

  • students take ownership in their own learning and enjoy opportunities to follow their passions, ask questions and challenge the norm.
  • teachers and classmates discuss what it means to be a member of a respectful community.
  • accountability and restoration are the outcomes of conflicts and students are challenged to hear the stories of others.
  • integrity is fostered in and out of the classroom.
  • a journey of faith is nurtured and students discover what it means to be a child of God.

That is Eastern Mennonite Middle School.

Come join us!

Erika Gascho

Erika Gascho
Middle School Principal

Experiential Learning

Physics, chemistry and robotics students host elementary science lessons
IMG_20220330_105343725 (1)
Grade 8, DC visit, Explore Week 2021

In middle school, we challenge students to:

  • build foundational knowledge that will prepare them for academic courses in high school.
  • move from concrete to abstract thinking that will enable them to grasp how specific information connects to the "big picture.”
  • "E-Term" each April provides middle schoolers with a multi-day theme-focused experience by grade. Trips include biking and service projects, and exploring the city, learning to fish and canoe. Each grade participates in a course that ties to their curriculum and is experientially designed to spark discovery.
  • Middle school students enjoy frequent field trips, outdoor learning in nearby Park Woods for science class and other hands-on activity.  

The Arts

7thgrade choir with Jared Stutzman
7th grade art
The Wizard of Oz, spring 2022
  • More than 50% of students 6-8 play an instrument at school
  • Instrument exploration is required in grade 6
  • 7th grade choir
  • Junior choir, grades 8-10
  • Musical theater productions
  • Orchestra and Band
  • The middle school exploratory sequence exposes students to creative endeavors to discover new interests and abilities. Students explore without the pressure of achieving a grade or taking standardized tests.

The exploratory series includes:

  • Singing and instrumental music
  • World languages
  • Theatre
  • Technical education
  • Family consumer sciences
  • Digital citizenship
  • Computer skills and applications

Faith Community

Sixth grade leaf raking service, 2022
  • Middle school students participate in School Day Out on the first Friday of the school year to have fun together and build community.  
  • The Junior SCO (Student Council Organization) plans socials and in-school events to bring people together across friend groups and grade levels.
  • The middle school joins high school three days a week for a 20-minute chapel service to hear a speaker, sing, pray and learn together. Every Tuesday, middle school students are part of a Neighbor Group gathering for discussion on a theme, or informal interaction.
  • We often use a “circle process” when difficulties arise to create safe space where everyone has a chance to be heard and everyone is challenged to listen.
  • Each class does a service project together two times a year.