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Variable tuition

Variable Tuition -- A Customized Approach

Thanks to generous donors, no family pays for the full cost of an EMS education.

That is because donor dollars cover the difference between tuition investment and the actual cost education.
We work with individual families in each division -- elementary, middle or high school -- to customize a tuition package for each student. Our goal is to respect each family’s unique needs while also providing an excellent education for students, compensating employees equitably, and investing wisely in operations and facilities.

How does EMS determine a family’s tuition?

The EMS business office works one-to-one with families to determine their variable tuition range during the admissions process. Tuition is based on a variety of factors:
  • Church affiliation. EMS receives support from various churches -- Mennonite and other denominations -- who provide the largest source of financial assistance to the school. The Business Office can provide details on church relationships and will work with families who want to approach a new church about EMS support.
  • Need-based tuition assistance is available for those who qualify after completing the EMS admission application and the FACTS application. FACTS is a third-party tool that determines eligibility.
  • Sibling discounts are offered to families with multiple children in the school. A tuition cap assures no family will pay more than the equivalent of two full high school tuitions per year.
  • Alumni discounts are available to those who graduated from the school and who do not attend a supporting church.

How does FACTS determine a family’s eligibility for need-based tuition assistance?

The confidential FACTS application gathers: household income, asset values, monthly expenses (mortgage/rent, utilities, loan payments, etc.), current tax returns. You must submit a new application each year since your financial situation may change.

Will my student’s admission application be affected by applying for tuition assistance?

No. Admissions applications are evaluated separately.

Are some families awarded full tuition?

No. All families make a financial investment in their student’s education and pay some portion of tuition.

How do we find out if we are eligible for need-based tuition assistance?

Schedule a meeting with Mike Stoltzfus, director of business affairs, to discuss the likely range of your customized tuition investment. Mike can also advise families regarding need-based tuition assistance. We offer this individualized approach to assist families in discerning their financial situation and level of commitment in investing in an EMS experience.

Are there additional fees?

Yes. They include:
  • Student general fee of $350 per student K-12 to help cover co-curricular expenses, textbooks, technology and yearbooks. This fee is paid upon enrollment.
  • A capital improvement fee of $350 per family K-12 to help with facilities management.
  • Incidental charges may include lunch in the dining hall, specialized tutoring, transportation services, after school care, drivers education, and co-curricular experiences such as some field trips, E-Term, Touring Choir, Discovery, and Senior class trip.
Full tuition does not cover the cost of an EMS experience.  The total cost of an EMS education is supplemented for all students by generous donor support.  The top range of tuition covers about three-quarters of the cost of a school year. This is why we value and appreciate our generous donors!

Tuition Rates 2019-2020


$3,447 - $8,195

Middle School

$5,647 - $13,695

High School

$6,097 - $14,995


  • Percentage of students receiving reduced tuition - 89%
  • Percentage of students receiving need-based aid - 31%
  • Total amount of financial aid awarded - $482,727

“Many people assume the cost of a private faith-based education is out of reach. Our tuition spans a range -- and a family’s tuition varies depending on their financial circumstances. Over 85% of families pay a reduced tuition rate. No family pays the full cost of an EMS education.”
-Michael Stoltzfus, ‘91
Director of Business Affairs