High School

Imagine a high school where...

  • academic rigor is built around each student's unique gifts and passions rather than a one-size-fits-all model of multiple choice testing.
  • discipline and accountability are met with restorative practices, emphasizing the inherent worth and dignity of each student.
  • each student has a place to belong.
  • teachers are empowered to teach in a way that called them to the profession in the first place.
  • art and music are part of the core curriculum.

Imagine a high school whose mission statement and faith foundation calls students to serve others and to a life of integrity.

These are just some of the dreams we are working to make reality every day.

Come join us!


Justin King
Secondary Principal

Experiential Learning

Chemistry lab
Mennonite Disaster Service E-term, Grundy, Va., 2021
  • Our high school curriculum incorporates hands on work, often with data collection, analysis, summary, presentation and reflection of content in all areas. Students develop critical thinking and writing skills An internship program offers hands-on experience as well.

In addition to school day, high school students are required to participate in at least one Experiential Learning Course off campus.

  • E-Term takes place each spring. Students select from a variety of experiences with a mix of students across grades. Destinations include the local community and far beyond. It's a time to learn together, build new friendships, and gain insights.
  • Summer Discovery trips are offered every other year for three- to four-weeks across the United States learning about water and land resources.
  • A Touring Choir trip to several European countries every other summer offers performance opportunities in cathedrals and local churches, cultural exploration and faith development.

The Arts

Godspell, winter 2023
Wildfire mural painting
  • High school music program includes:
    • More than 50% of students 9-12 play an instrument at school
    • Guitar class
    • Junior choir, grades 8-10
    • Senior choir, grades 11-12
    • Auditioned Touring Choir and Chamber Singers with biannual international travel
  • Student-led a capella groups and worship band
  • Musical theater productions
  • Orchestra and Band
  • Jazz band and ensemble
  • Digital recording class
  • AV operator training
  • In the visual arts, we offer two-dimensional and three-dimensional art education including drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramic pottery, printmaking and digital photography. Art club options are also available.

Faith Community

Debbie Katz, high school counselor, with students
10th grade service at Gift and Thrift, winter 2023
  • High School students take part in a 20-minute chapel service for grades 6-12 four times a week. Students often lead or participate in chapel music, help with planning and sometimes speak.
  • Students meet Bible class requirements with classes such as Kingdom Living as a senior.
  • Service to our own community and others happens through National Honor Society projects, the We Serve club, the annual Community Service Day, and less formal times such as preparing treats and music to share at retirement communities and downtown.
  • Neighbor Groups  made up of about 10 students meet weekly to share food, conversation and support, often in a circle process format discussing questions on a theme.

Visiting is the best way to get a sense of our learning community.