Elementary School

Imagine an elementary school where...

  • seeking excellence means building on the gifts of each individual.
  • students are encouraged to explore the outdoors — every day.
  • managing relationships with care and compassion is as important as multiplying fractions.
  • younger and older students work together regularly.
  • faith is a part of everyday life.
  • serving others is modeled and encouraged.
  • family and church perspectives are valued.

These are our values at Eastern Mennonite Elementary School.


Experiential Learning

EMES visit to Park Woods
EMES peace parade 2021
  • Our curriculum allows time and space to ponder, reflect, be creative and discern as students gain new experiences.
  • Students learn to write with clarity, organization, and creativity.
  • Through the Everyday Mathematics program we connect each new concept to its use in the “real world.” Hands-on activities and manipulatives reinforce the concepts.
  • In science, students ask questions, conduct experiments, collect data, draw conclusions, and explore ways to effectively display their results with graphs and charts.
  • Through the History Alive social studies curriculum, students make connections between historical events and life today. We use role-plays, small group problem-solving challenges, and simulations in each unit.
  • Students also learn to gather information from a variety of sources including textbooks, trade books, and experts in the field. They hear and speak Spanish twice a week in class.  They play outside every day during recess and as part of our physical education curriculum.

The Arts

IMG_0786 (1)
EMS Elementary Christmas Concert FULL SET-202
  • Our music curriculum is based on the Kodály approach, which uses quality, folksongs and singing games from around the world and other experiences to foster a love of music, including music reading.
  • We believe in music's power to further students’ development as whole people and to bring us closer to God and to each other.
  • Elementary music program includes:
    • Twice weekly music classes, K-5
    • Weekly choir, grades 3-5
    • Weekly K-5 Gathering includes singing
    • Two K-5 programs per year include singing, instruments, and dance
  • Art
    • Art stimulates creative, lateral thinking and learning persistence.
    • Through a variety of strategies, art media and disciplines, students explore their reactions to their world, their family, and the faith they are developing.
    • We aim to develop and reinforce a healthy self-concept through success in the creative process.

Faith Community

EMES Passion Walk 2023
  • We gather weekly to hear others share how they live out their faith in the world. We  sing, pray and discuss issues.
  • Each grade takes part in a peacebuilding lesson every week.
  • We foster spiritual growth in the classroom; everyone gets an opportunity to express their beliefs.
  • Teachers model their faith, creating a respectful classroom where honesty and integrity are emphasized, and each person is valued.
  • Elementary families enjoy a potluck each fall. In September, we celebrate the International Day of Peace. At Thanksgiving, we share an international meal and program. At Christmas, we share a music program. In the spring, we offer a dessert theater.
  • When someone is experiencing hard times, we create cards, provide food, pray and offer support.
  • Students grow through partnerships with local organizations such as Roberta Webb Child Care Center where older students are reading buddies to younger students.
  • Fifth grade students take turns at lunch with the kindergarten class assisting with microwave use, opening stubborn containers and managing personal space.
  • We prepare food each day in kindergarten to share with each other, and often with other grades.


Parents of elementary students are encouraged to visit without their child first to minimize any confusion for younger children.