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"EMHS got me on the right path by fostering a community with high morals and high expectations. By giving to Eastern Mennonite School, I can help others get on the right track too."

Alum '51

We give to Eastern Mennonite School as they help build a strong Christian foundation in our kids while they are still at a young age. The principal, teachers and staff genuinely care about each child.

-Current EMES parent

"For generations EMHS has been providing a stellar education through an Anabaptist lens. I benefited from that education, the connections, and the teachers and staff who gave of their time, energy and resources to teach here.

I am so thankful that EMHS didn't give up on me and kept inviting me back to its community. ...I give to EMHS because it's the least I can do so say thank you. "

-Alum '90

Your gifts make an EMS experience possible!

“Sabbath” is Theme for Academic Year

August 28, 2019

How do we make time for rest and renewal when our world draws us into busy-ness of mind and body? This is a question that Eastern Mennonite School students, faculty and staff will explore throughout the academic year 2019-20. “Our high school students are dealing with a ton of pressure,” says Justin King, high school principal. “Whether it’s pressure academically, on the field or court, to get into the ‘right’ college or career path, or among friends and social circles, it’s real,” he continues. “We…

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As a senior, I always get the question, “So what are you planning on doing after you graduate?" Or, "what will you major in college?”

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. I have so many interests that have developed during my time here and it's hard to think about choosing just one thing to focus on. One thing that I am certain of is that the wisdom and advice I've received at EMS will help me in whichever career I end up pursuing in the near future.

-- Isabella Madrid, class of 2020

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Isabella Madrid '20

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Paul Leaman
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