Celebrating 75 years – Christmas Fund Drive

November 20, 2023 / Christine Coddington
Christmas Fund Drive - Celebrating 75 years

The annual Christmas Fund Drive remains a cornerstone of the school’s financial foundation. The 75-year legacy of the student-led initiative showcases a commitment to community involvement and philanthropy.  This student-led initiative, dating back to 1948, has consistently contributed over $150,000 to the school annually in recent years. These funds play a pivotal role in supporting the 2nd Century Fund, forming the bedrock of the school’s yearly operational budget. Faculty and staff support, athletics, buildings, supplies, and financial aid are all beneficiaries of this generous tradition. As the drive continues year after year, it not only secures the school’s immediate needs but also lays the foundation for future enhancements and innovations.

50 year anniversary (golden jubilee) – art wing 

The 1973 fund drive not only supported operations but also played a crucial role in shaping the school’s physical landscape. The construction process of the fine arts addition was a symphony of hammering, chiseling, and patient anticipation for the installation of windows. As the structure took form, it became more than just a building; it became a hub for creativity and expression.

As the school marks the golden jubilee (50 years)  of the fine arts addition, it not only celebrates a physical structure but a legacy of support for the arts and a commitment to holistic education. The echoes of the 1973 fund drive continue to resonate, reminding the school community of the enduring impact that collective efforts can have on both financial stability and the enrichment of educational spaces.

2023 Christmas Fund Drive

The rich history of the Christmas Fund Drive sets the stage for a promising future, where the school community continues to unite in support of its mission and the evolving needs of education. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been supporters of this initiative. It is the dedication of both our students and the community who generously contribute that enables EMS to thrive. Your gifts helped our community feel strong through the experience of raising funds together. When you give, you join more than 600 generous donors who give annually to the drive to support faculty and staff, student financial aid, and other mission-supporting efforts. 

Donate today! Help shape the future of tomorrow.

Highlighting Student Leaders: 

I want to be trained to be a good leader and helping the [EMS] community is good. Dylan L.  6th Grade

I love to help the school in any way possible.  I have lots of connections…and would be fully invested. Thanks and looking forward to it!

Emilee S. – 8th Grade

I enjoy helping to serve my school community in this way and feel more passionate about helping when I get to be a part of the whole process.

Lili L. 11th Grade

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