Dynamic Strategic Plan

Dynamic strategic plan

Note: EMS underwent  an accreditation visit and review in the fall of 2023  through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. As part of this process and through a community survey in 2022, we affirmed and updated our vision and mission, and crafted a new dynamic strategic plan with four pathways.


Who we are together, and how we care for each other.

EMS seeks to foster a learning community where every student feels a sense of belonging through internal efforts to create a welcoming and safe environment. Strengths include personalized relationships, dedicated time for gatherings, and a focus on collaboration and positivity. We will continue to grow in our understanding of the sense of belonging and the use of restorative practices.

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How we reach out, engage, and serve a diverse world.

EMS values student involvement with internal and external communities, aiming to prepare them for a life of service and success in a diverse world. Strengths lie in the emphasis on community building, guided by Palmer Becker's summary. “Jesus is the center of our faith; community is the center of our life; and reconciliation is the center of our work.” EMS would like to provide more time and creative encouragement for student, faculty, and staff interactions with external community members. These efforts could be shifted to become more integrated into our curriculum.

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How we grow and actively engage in learning.

EMS seeks to be a learning community of academic excellence providing the educational foundation for students to be lifelong learners, thrive in life, and maximize their potential for joining God’s work in the world. EMS emphasizes experiential learning, diverse academic exposure, and robust programs like Advanced Placement, robotics/STEM, and internships. EMS strives for collaboration among faculty for interdisciplinary learning frameworks and integrating relevant content (writing, presentation, faith formation, field/project experiences), and further developing the ability to address diverse learning needs.

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How we sustain, develop, and grow supporting resources to best reach our vision.

EMS capital opportunities range from deferred maintenance to new construction and support  our long-term sustainability as a flourishing learning community. Major renovations will ensure the safety and comfort of our building, as the physical plant ages. Enrollment pressures for our elementary program justify exploration of an additional K-5 section, with new classrooms. An auxiliary gymnasium for winter sports and K-12 physical education programs would benefit all students. EMS is presently debt-free with strong support for the We Gather campaign, positioning us well for future campaigns. Endowment funds create opportunities for legacy giving, and we will strive to include operational endowments as part of new project developments.

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