Each spring, all students grades 9-12 participate in an "E-Term" experience.

Students select from a variety of options created and led by faculty and staff. Destinations include the local community and far beyond. The experience provides opportunity for intensive experience, reflection, personal growth and community building. 

E-ter, 2018
Service, Silence and Solitude Eterm
Eterm NYC 2018

2020 E-terms: E-term in 2020 will be local, mostly outside and with no overnight stays due to COVID-19 mitigation protocols.

  • Jewelry crafting
  • Advocacy and affirmation
  • Golf: business and service
  • Online Smash Brothers Tournament
  • Service, Silence and Solitude
  • Day mountain hikes
  • Slavery in Rockingham County
  • Touring Choir for outdoor singing and service
  • Paper Airplanes and a local hike
  • Board games
  • Fishing in the Valley
  • Mountain biking and trail clean up