Neighbor groups

Snack. Chat. Pray.

That sums up what we do in Neighbor Groups!

Students grades 6 to 12 are divided into small groups for Neighbor Groups which meet each Thursday for 20 minutes. The goal is to create a safe and familiar space for discussing school-wide issues, personal concerns, and current events. The teacher or students take turns bringing in snack… an important element of the time together!

Circle process

Sometimes, leaders use a circle process to facilitate conversation. Participants might pass a "talking piece." Only the person with the talking piece may talk; others listen. Participants can "pass" when the piece comes to them if they aren't comfortable sharing. Everyone has a chance to be heard.

By using the circle process in Neighbor Groups, the format is familiar and comfortable. It's a process that the school sometimes used as part of restorative discipline processes or if a group needs to work through a conflict.