Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Our K-12 Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF):

  • provides opportunities for parents and teachers to interact informally;
  • is a forum for parents to share ideas and concerns with faculty and administration;
  • support the intersection of school, home and church in our students' education;
  • share appreciation for school staff;
  • offers a supportive setting for parents to get to interact.

PTF meets monthly, alternating morning and evening start times. After a joint gathering, the group divides into elementary and 6-12 groups. Smaller groups focus efforts on fundraising, volunteer coordination and communication. In the upper levels, class representatives facilitate communication with the rest of the parents in the class and give leadership for the class PTF needs.

In the beginning of the school year, the PTF hosts a "Boo hoo/Yahoo" party for parents to commiserate and celebrate wtih one another as the school year starts. Food is a big part of how we build community together at EMS and parents are generous with their culinary gifts!



Maria Archer, K-8 principal, and Justin King, high school principal, collaborate with parents on PTF activities. To get involved, share ideas or concerns, or ask questions, email or contact the principals.