Les Misérables Video on Demand

Welcome to our fall 2020 production of Les Misérables School Edition. Thank you for "joining" us in this way. With limited seating due to COVID-19 restrictions (see more below) and cold weather, we are so glad to be able to make this show available to more viewers!

Following are some important notes and informational tidbits about this unusual and special production at EMS. On the right, you can click to download the playbill which includes more background on the production, director's notes, cast bios and important sponsor appreciation.

Click "Watch the show" to purchase your access to the video. The show runs 2.5 hours. Once you purchase the right to watch, you must watch within 48 hours. The link to purchase will be live through November 2021.

Les Misérables: School Edition includes some challenging themes, images, and language, and this production does not shy away from that challenging content. As a Christian school that humbly seeks to prepare students to engage with an imperfect world, we believe theatre helps us to examine the full human experience. Sometimes that means we portray situations that are different from the wholeness God desires for us. Please decide carefully whether viewing this production is appropriate for children.

This production was presented during the Covid-19 pandemic. The following safety measures were followed:

    • All rehearsals and performances took place outdoors.
    • Careful blocking kept actors 10+ feet apart at all times, except for short (<10 second) passing proximity. Exceptions were a couple of male-female sibling pairs whose contact “bubble” allowed for some couple staging.
    • Students wore masks for all rehearsals, up until dress rehearsals. Even then, they wore masks unless onstage performing, and replaced masks immediately after exits.  (You may see some forgotten masks on entrances – an imperfection in our production that we embrace as a happy memory of our care for each other!)
    • All participants signed a community safety covenant, committing, during the production period, to refrain from any risky choices such as indoor group activities without masks.
    • Our three outdoor performances were viewed by limited, physically-distanced audiences. The audience space (our soccer field) was lined in 8X8-ft. blocks with 10-ft. distance between.  Audience members wore masks brought lawn chairs and bundled up for our late October/early November performances, some of which took place in near-freezing temperatures!

Eastern Mennonite School is a K-12 community, enrolling more than 350 students of many faith traditions and cultural backgrounds.

This production is presented by our high school division with children’s roles filled by students in our elementary and middle school divisions. Children’s roles are double-cast, and you will see representatives of both children’s casts in this video.