Patsy Seitz

Director of Academics : Staff


Corona (California) Senior High, 1982 Vanguard University, BA in English, 1986 Georgetown University, MA in English, 1989 University of Maryland, College Park, BA Secondary Education (English), 1996


Reading, travel and good meals with friends


Randy Seitz ‘82, husband, Nicolas ‘13 & Rachel Seitz, Joseph ‘17

Favorite Bible verses

Hebrews 11:3, New English Bible, "By faith we perceive that the universe was fashioned by the word of God, so that the visible came forth from the invisible."

My dream for EMS

I dream that each school year, we settle into our community life recognizing the importance of each person from students to the faithful alumni who supports us. I dream that each school year, we work together to discover what each moment needs so that we are faithful to serving God by serving each other.