EMS desires to welcome all students whose families believe EMS is the best option for their student, and who are ready to invest in the opportunity. EMS also strives to distribute financial aid fairly and consistently, so everyone has an equal opportunity while keeping the overall fiscal health of the school strong.

Our aid packages are carefully discerned by our business office. The aid is possible, thanks to generous donors. It is made available through careful discernment using a third party financial aid application process and other variables as explained on our tuition page.

We are open to hearing appeals for review of aid packages. The appeal will be reviewed by the business office and additional staff who have access to the overall picture of the school’s financial health.

To appeal, please complete this form.

The appeals committee will get back to you with a response or request for a face-to-face meeting within one week of submission of the appeal.

Mike Stoltzfus
Director of Business Affairs