Food Allergies and EMS

Food allergy guidelines, EMS K-12

EMS is a school community that cares about and takes seriously those who have significant food allergies. While it would be nice to say that we can eliminate exposure to particular foods that may be harmful, such as nuts or dairy, we do not want to create a false sense of security. We cannot control all food that comes into the building.

In both the upper and lower building, teachers will communicate with parents when a student in their class has specific allergies to help monitor what might be brought in from home and shared with classmates.

In general, EMS asks families to limit nut products in snacks and lunches to help  diminish the possibility of contamination for those with allergies. Products like Wowbutter and SunButter do not have tree nuts in them and are a good alternative.

In the dining hall, students with food allergies pack their own lunch and can be assured that an EMS dining hall meal will be free of tree nuts. Dairy, however, is served in school lunches. In general the dining hall is well ventilated. Students are eating outside during COVID, and this is a practice we hope to continue longer term. 

Class and Neighbor Group snacks should be offered with consideration and care for any known allergies. 


Please contact our health coordinator, Joanna Moyer-Diener, RN