Kennel/Charles Endowed Fund

The Kennel-Charles Anabaptist Endowed Fund

The purpose of this fund is to stimulate an interest in Mennonite-Anabaptist history among young people.

The funding is used to host a guest Mennonite-Anabaptist historian, pastor, teacher or other individual to speak to and interact with students lecture format and in classrooms. A presentation open to the general public is also part of the series each year.

Another priority is to stimulate student interest in Anabaptist history and heritage by providing a forum for student research projects which could be presented to the school and community. (See list of past paper titles below.)

The Elmer Kennel and Edith Charles Anabaptist Endowed Fund was started with an initial commitment in December 2000.

Benjamin Bixler is the current coordinator. Contact him with questions or to suggest speakers.

John Sharp, historian and Hesston College professor, delivered the 14th annual Kennel Charles Anabaptist lecture, Feb 8, 2016 speaking about the life of Orie O. Miller.
John Sharp, historian and Hesston College professor, delivered the 14th annual Kennel Charles Anabaptist lecture, Feb 8, 2016 speaking about the life of Orie O. Miller.

Past Speakers

  • 2023-24 -- Strength Through Peace, panel discussion
  • 2022-23 --  Jonny Rashid
  • 2021-22 -- Osheta Moore
  • 2020-21 -- No speaker (COVID-19)
  • 2019 -20 -- Caleb Schrock-Hurst '15 Mennonite Central Committee Vietnam.
  • 2018-19 -- Glen Guyton, Mennonite Church USA Executive Director
  • 2017-18 -- Nathan and Kaitlin Hershberger, Mennonite Central Committee Iraq workers
  • 2016-17 -- Todd Wynward, author, educator, small-scale farmer, wilderness trip leader, and Mennonite minister for watershed discipleship
  • 2015-16 -- John Sharp, Hesston College history professor
  • 2014-15 -- Regina Wenger, Mennonite historian, Baylor University
  • 2013-14 -- Steven Nolt, formerly at Goshen College and current professor of history and Anabaptist studies at the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College
  • 2012 -- Colleen McFarland, Mennonite Church USA Historical Committee director and denominational archivist from Goshen, Ind.
  • 2011-12 -- Cancelled
  • 2010-11 -- Daryl Byler, Mennonite Central Committee representatives from Jordan
  • 2009-10 -- Loren Horst, Virginia Mennonite Missions
  • 2008-09 - John Roth, Mennonite historian, and Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach, Mennonite Central Committee Washington Office
  • 2007-08 -- Author on books related to Mennonite and Amish life; professor emeritus of history at Bethel College, Newton Kansas
  • 2006-07 -- James Krabill,  Mennonite Mission Network and Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
  • 2005-06 -- Jeff Wright, author, preacher, teacher
  • 2004-05 -- Nancy Heisey, Mennonite World Conference executive secretary and professor, Eastern Mennonite Seminary
  • 2003-04 -- Lawrence Yoder, Eastern Mennonite Seminary; expert on Indonesian Mennonite Church
  • 2002-03 -- John Ruth, historian, author and speaker who has contributed significantly to the understanding of Mennonite history, faith and culture
  • 2001-02 -- Nathan Yoder, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

Student Paper Awardees

Cash prizes are awarded each year to students writing papers on Mennonite-Anabaptist themes as part of the endowed fund programming.


Noelle Rankin -- Anne Askew: Burned by the Narrative
Catherine Scherpereel -- Church and State in Harmony
Lili Lehman -- Modesty in Christian Society

Karla Hostetter -- Menno Simons
Elisabeth Fink -- Eucharist
Abby Garber -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Fiona Mitchell -- Icons

Caroline Hayes -- Neil Showalter
Sukainah Abid-Kons -- Joan of Arc

Perla Guerrero -- Billy Graham
Virtue Adowei -- Existentialism
Felicity Zimmerman -- Hutterites

Erin Rhodes -- Analysis of Mennonite Youth
Luke Hertzler -- Hans Herr
Mike Mi -- Christianity in China

Jason Yu -- Christianity in China: History and Today
Alan Liu -- Mennonites during the Russian Revolution
Drake Wagner -- Emperor Constantine: Our First Christian Emperor

Aaron Yoder -- Dirk Willems
Mario Hernandez -- Ulrich Zwingli and Radicals
Stephen Lowe -- Joseph Funk

Rebekah Hertzler -- The life, mission, and legacy of Susanna Hartman Brunk
Leona Good -- Deaconess Nettie Pearl Suter
Megan Good -- Digital project on Community Mennonite Church

Hannah DePoy -- Narcissa Whitman’s Missionary Life
Benjamin Ghaemmaghami -- The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther
Rebecca Hardy -- Georgia Harkness, the Radical Theologian

Rachel Shenk -- Beyond Ordinary: The Life and Ministry of Roy Kiser
Kiara Boettger -- Christmas Carol Kauffman
Hannah Shultz -- Daniel Suter: A Man of great Importance and Accomplishments in the world of Science

Hannah Bendfeldt -- Mennonite Response in the Shenandoah Valley, Civil War
Ranita Shenk -- True Friends of God: The Story of Michael and Margaretha Sattler
Jacque Zook -- Karl Stoltzfus: An Ordinary Man Living an Extraordinary Life

Risa Heatwole -- The Bloody Reformation
Nathan Hershberger -- The Cycle of Russian Anabaptism

Jessica Pease -- The Journey of Menno Simons

Lindsay Kisamore -- Pacifism: Past and Present
Christopher Burkholder  -- A More Civil Way

Monika Burkholder -- Glendon Blosser: An Effective Leader

Sara Hershberger -- Pacifist Nurses during WWII
Isaac Beachy -- George Blaurock
Andrew Fairfield -- George R. Brunk I

Steven Glanzer -- John L. Stauffer, Faithful Servant of the
Sharon Kniss -- John Longacre Stauffer, Servant of the
Paul Yoder -- Brother John Mumaw
Dano Heatwole -- Legions of Peaceful Mercenaries