Elementary Building Project Progress on Track

May 15, 2019 / Trisha Blosser
Roof-top garden in progress
A recent tour included a preview of the new roof-top garden above the welcome entrance and administrative suite.

With most site work complete, workers focus on the interior as they transform the building into a learning center for our elementary students!

Welcome entrance and administrative suite with roof-top garden

The new welcome entrance and administrative suite are starting to take shape as framers install walls. The concrete deck has been poured over the metal roof deck pictured above. This flat roof will serve as a roof-top garden for students and includes space for a tool shed.

Interior work progresses
The team continues to finalize finish designs, including paint colors, flooring, cabinetry, and restroom fixtures, and as the drywall is hung, you can start to imagine a classroom! Sub-contractors have hung drywall on all the levels.

Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC rough-in inspections have all passed! Blauch Brothers will begin to install new HVAC equipment this week and prepare to install the permanent roof. The HVAC units on the warehouse were removed early this week. Harrisonburg Electric Commission energized the new electrical service.

Stair towers and exterior brick
The north stair tower exterior walls are complete, ready for installation of the stairs at a later date. The pit was poured for the elevator in the south stair tower and the walls are starting to go up on the footers. Engineers and contractors encountered unexpected conditions as water came into the elevator pit, which they creatively solved.

Work continues on the brick around the building. Most of the windows require re-toothing. Brick in-fills and some patching and cleanup also need to be completed. The remainder of the brick on the north wall will be removed once the temporary stair tower is no longer needed.


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