Rising Junior Enjoys Summer Internship in JMU Lab

July 19, 2019 / Andrea Wenger
Rahel Lema in laboratory

Rahel Lema ’21 is getting hands-on university experience as an intern this summer in the lab of Kevin L. Caran, PhD, professor in department of chemistry and biochemistry at James Madison University. She has worked primarily with rising JMU junior Emma Putnam.

“I’ve learned so much!” she reports enthusiastically. That includes various techniques, the fundamentals of organic chemistry, and the research process. “Working with Dr. Caran and all of his other research students has been wonderful. Their patience and time that they’ve devoted to helping and teaching me things has only influenced me to continue to pursue what I love: chemistry!”

“Rahel has been a wonderful addition,” explains Dr. Caren, “working on a project synthesizing and analyzing novel compounds as potential antiseptics to be used in a medical setting.”

The REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) lab experience was made possible through connections that EMS chemistry teacher Kevin Carini made with JMU for his class last year he took EMS students to Caran’s lab for an organic chemistry experience. While there, Dr. Caran mentioned that EMS students could spend part of their summer doing research with his group. “And Rahel took him up on his offer!” says Carini.

Opportunities for college-level lab exposure are available at EMS through JMU as well as Eastern Mennonite University, thanks to relationships nurtured by Carinia and other EMS teachers.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Caran.

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