Dancing Robots, Part of STEM and Programming

September 21, 2020 / Emma Myers '21
Robotics 2020
Robotics 2020

Experiential and hands-on learning have always been a crucial aspect of the EMS academic curriculum. A variety of classes embody this practice, but Kevin Carini’s robotics and intro into programming classes are among the best. With students of varied skill, interest, and age levels, there is always a multitude of projects scattered throughout the shop and tech ed classroom at EMS.

Andrew Lance, a sophomore in the intro into programming class, has been working on programming LED circuit lights to flash to the rhythm of two of his favorite songs. “I chose the Wii theme song and The Imperial March,” he says. “Both of these songs are from things that I enjoy or enjoyed at one point. I really like the Star Wars movies and I remember playing Wii so much when I was little,” explains Andrew. The project sparked a new discovery for him. He realized while trying to connect the LED into the circuit that the way that you control the speaker is similar to the way that the LED is controlled. With this discovery, he figured out that he could connect the LED into the circuit and the lights would pulse with the music.

Watch a video of this music and lights show in action!

Other projects include a robot-controlled t-shirt cannon and a dancing robot. These programs launched when Kevin Carini joined the EMS staff in 2017. Over the past three years, the tech ed classroom and workshop has had many upgrades thanks to generous donor and grant support. Additions include wood-working tools, electronic components, metal-working tools, 3D printers, soldering irons, paints, and CNC (computer numerical control) equipment.

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This article was written by Emma Myers ’21, a marketing/communications intern with the EMS advancement office.

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