Varsity Cross Country Tackles Highland Trail 5K

October 27, 2020 / Andrea Wenger
Highland 5K
Highland 5K

Eight members of the EMS varsity cross-country team took part in a COVID-style 5K trail walk/run last weekend at Highland Retreat Center in Bergton, Virginia. Colorful scenery provided a beautiful backdrop for this single “competition” of the season.

The trail walk/run 5K was available for the month of October to anyone. Participants paid a registration fee and made additional donations to support the camp, a place beloved to many EMS students for personal and school activities.

The course was challenging, with about 500 ft. of elevation, said Chafin Vrolijk, coach. Most of the elevation was in the first mile as runners started from the lower field by the Youth Office and ran up the mountain to the climbing wall.

“Even though this was a difficult course, the team had a lot of fun and enjoyed the challenge that it provided,” she said. “Many claimed this was the hardest 5K course we have run.”

“Our team has been really privileged to be able to practice with social distancing guidelines since the beginning of August,” says Vrolijk, noting that some runners began their training back in May or June. “They’ve shown tremendous effort and determination despite the lack of competitions this season.”

Participants and their times were;
Jakob Gerlach ‘23: 19:55
Luke Rogers ‘23: 21:41
Phil Diener ‘22: 22:45
Christian Meixner ‘24: 22:50
Halie Mast ‘21: 23:20
Isaac Sachs ‘25: 26:25
Karla Hostetter ‘21: 28:07
Sam Groff ‘21: 33:46

Based on the times posted on the event website, Jakob Gerlach has the fastest time for the courts. The top six fastest times reported are all EMHS runners.

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