Stutzman logs 1,000 miles on OneWheel


Curt Stutzman recently passed the 1,000 mile mark on his Onewheel Pint which he started using in January 2020 for his commute to school from his home on Fort Lynne Road, 2.2 away. He rides through fields to VMRC, on to Willow Run Road. “Sometimes I take longer and run up to the top of the hill in Park View if the sunrise is lovely,” he says.

And why? “I love skim boarding, but the beach is not in my backyard,” he says. “The Onewheel feels somewhat similar… Riding it to work has provided a surprising connection to God as it slows me down to appreciate the natural world as opposed to riding in a car. I have also had quite a few more conversations with people walking, people with whom I wouldn’t have otherwise interacted.”

Curt teaches high school Bible, English and social sciences at EMS. Thanks for saving on your carbon footprint Curt!

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