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Halie Mast Recognized as Pepsi-Cola Student Athlete of the Week on WHSV

April 1, 2021 / Bryan Schwartz WHSV_TV3
Halie Mast '21, cross country competition
Halie Mast '21, cross country competition
Published: Apr. 1, 2021 at 12:02 AM EDT|Updated: 11 hours ago
HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – As well-rounded a student-athlete as they come, Eastern Mennonite’s Halie Mast plays basketball, soccer and runs cross country.

“My family is all super competitive and has played sports,” Mast said. “My dad played soccer in college and my mom played basketball in college, so it just sort of ran in the family.”

“She loves to compete,” Andrew Gascho, Eastern Mennonite School’s athletic director and girls soccer coach, said. “She has such a humble attitude, but such a fire inside of her to compete.”

Mast displays a spirit that’s contagious amongst her peers.

“She leads by example and leads through her positive talk,” Gascho said. “I think that’s what makes her teammates gravitate towards her.”

It’s not just in the classroom or out on the field, Halie’s making a difference in the community, as well.

“It’s been really cool to see that I can have an impact on the community because the school and the people around me have done so much for me to get where I am now,” Mast said.

She’s in the National Honor’s Society and an active leader in the “We Serve Club” and was one of the main organizers in a food drive benefitting Washington D.C. food banks. Halie has helped to clean up community roads and is a part of “Kids Club.”

“It’s been really cool, especially my senior year, to give back a little bit and say thank you for all that they’ve done for me,” Mast said.

“She obviously has a high drive for all kinds of things, and that includes her schoolwork,” said Curt Stutzman, a teacher at Eastern Mennonite School. “She does well in absolutely everything. I think she goes over and above sometimes what she needs to do. She’s doing it because she wants to, not because she has to.”

Mast portrays all the qualities that make her incredibly valuable to the school, and especially her soccer team as she approaches her final season.

“She’s just doing a great job of being present everyday and being that positive spirit,” Gascho said.

“I’m thankful for every practice, every game and just being out on the field with friends,” Mast said.

Halie will be attending Eastern Mennonite University in the fall, playing soccer and pursuing a degree in nursing.

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