Seniors Enjoy Modified Senior Trip

October 9, 2021 / Andrea Wenger
Class of '22 at the Lincoln Memorial. Photo by Jennifer Young
Class of '22 at the Lincoln Memorial. Photo by Jennifer Young

The EMHS Senior Trip in its nearly traditional format was revived Oct. 7 and 8, 2021, with the class of ’22 enjoying many of the usual sites explored by EMHS seniors for decades.

The trip was shortened to one overnight stay and included masked visits to Smithsonian Institute museums, memorial sites, and a play at Ford’s Theater. Missing were visits to the Supreme Court in session, the Capitol building, and ice skating.

While COVID turned Senior Trip for the class of ’21 into a one-day spring outdoor event, class sponsors were thrilled to be able to take this year’s trip in the fall.

“It’s such an important time for seniors to mix it up a bit, get to know classmates, and have some fun together,” said sponsor Shannon Roth.

Roth is a US history and government teacher who has been a sponsor or chaperone for 15 years. She and senior class co-sponsor Jodi Hertzler were on their eighth senior trip together. Each participated in the trip as a student as well, Roth in ’02 and Hertlzer in ’90.

Paul Leaman, head of school, enjoyed accompanying the group this year. “It’s great to get to know students in a different setting. I’m so grateful for the incredible effort our class sponsors put into making this possible, even in challenging times.”

As always, a memorable highlight was getting lined up in the foreground of the Capitol Building for a panoramic photograph that will hang in the school’s alumni hall for years to come. The current display of class photos on these steps dates back to 1963 with previous images not yet scanned and framed. Central Photo Company has taken panoramic photos at the same location since 1919, and has good memories of the EMHS group visit each year.

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