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May 9, 2023 / Andrew Lantz '23
Andrew Lantz '23, fall 2022
Andrew Lantz '23, fall 2022

Andrew Lantz, senior soccer player, offered advice to younger players at the closing celebration for the soccer team’s 2022-23 season.

I was really not sure if I was going to play soccer this year or not. That decision to play has probably been one of the single best decisions of my life. I want to thank my coaches and my teammates for making this season so special for me. Working hard and putting in the time and effort is 100% worth it and it will pay off.

My other word of advice is to enjoy being a part of a team. The brotherhood that you form with each other is special and not something you’ll find anywhere else. Now that my high school career is over I can already tell you it’s the thing I’m going to miss the most.

As someone who only experienced this brotherhood for a few short months I want to emphasize just how precious it is. Enjoy and cherish these relationships because they’re unique, one-of-a-kind types of relationships that could be impactful in your life for years to come.

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