Banners of recognition: EMS champions

October 16, 2023 / Christine Coddington
20230927 EMHS Gym Banners-25

Champion banners hang on the walls of the gym to recognize teams and their successes. They showcase the journey of these remarkable teams.  It’s a tribute to the sweat, tears, and sacrifices that shape these athletes.  A championship is more than just a win at the end of the season.  Their team’s success is a testament to the support from family, guidance from coaches and the determination within each player.  It’s a reminder that greatness is achieved not only in the spotlight but in the unseen moments of effort and collaboration.  

 “Each year, EMS provides student athletes the opportunity to deepen relationships and learn life skills through Athletics. Built on a legacy of hard work, dedication and positive team environments, our teams compete and succeed at a high level.  While success isn’t measured by just wins and losses, the refreshed banners bring new life to our teams who have won at the highest level.”

Andrew Gascho, athletic director

The Fore the Flames Golf tournament in 2023 funded updates for the banners so it’s easy to add new teams as they win! 

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