Reflections on 2023

December 29, 2023 / Christine Coddington

As the year draws to a close at Eastern Mennonite School, we reflect with gratitude on the moments that defined our journey. Happy New Year to our school community – a year in review marked by growth, faith, and shared joy.

Our students grew, achieving milestones that reflect both their intellectual curiosity and dedication: from robotics and science to scholarships, musical achievements, and collegiate futures. Each development is a testament to the supportive environment that EMS provides. Our teachers nurture both the minds and hearts of our students. 

Our journey extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. Grounded in Christian values, our EMS community embraced compassion and service.  Students engaged in various community service activities, embodying the spirit of kindness and empathy. EMS students are committed to making a difference in the lives of others in our community.

Spiritual growth with chapel services and meaningful discussions fostering a deeper connection with faith, our students are able to explore the teachings of Christ, building a foundation of character and integrity.

Athletics provided a platform for both physical and character development.  From victories on the field to lessons learned in defeat, EMS athletes embodied sportsmanship and teamwork. We are proud of our students and sports staff in collaborating together success on and off the field.

Looking forward, we will continue to carry the spirit of unity and purpose into 2024, confident that our foundation in faith and learning will continue to guide us. We step into the New Year with hope, resilience, and belief that our shared journey will be filled with blessings and opportunities for the entire community.


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