Reflection of Easter

March 27, 2024 / Christine Coddington

On a cloudy rainy morning, EMES students gathered beneath the protection of the bridge. Easter week at EMES is marked with a passion walk, a tradition since 2005, where students engage in reflection and song, “Jesus is coming, pave the way with branches, Jesus is coming, HOSANNA!” 5th grade read as their peers listened to the story, absorbing the significance of the moment.

The rhythmic beat of drums, led by 4th graders, guided the students to the dining hall, where the journey through Holy Week continued. They stopped at these stations: Reflection of the Last Supper,  In the Garden, and the Crucifixion. But the journey did not end in darkness; Jesus is not here,” the angel said. “He is alive! Go tell his friends that they will get to see him again!” HE IS RISEN.

As Christians celebrate Easter, we extend our warmest wishes to all our community. May this season of renewal inspire hope, peace, and unity among us all. As it says in Hymn 159-Henry Ware, “Lift your glad voices in triumph high, for Jesus hath risen,  and we shall not die.” And in the words of Matthew 28:6, NIV, “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.” 

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