Massanutten Regional Library Honored Teachers Essay Contest

April 22, 2024 / Christine Coddington

Recently local students shared essays written about their teachers in the Massanutten Regional Library Honored Teachers Essay Contest. The Kiwanis Club of Harrisonburg judged all the essays and chose the top two for each group of students.

In a heartwarming essay Marta, a student at Eastern Mennonite Elementary School shared an essay about Susan Stoltzfus, second-grade teacher. Marta won first place in kindergarten through second grade for her essay about her teacher Susan Stoltzfus. 

“One thing about her is that pretty much every time I walk in to tell her how I’m feeling every morning she smiles.,” Marta wrote.

We celebrate Marta’s success and are thankful for Ms. Stoltzfus who nurtures young minds and fosters a learning environment where students can thrive. Together they exemplify the transformative power of education and the enduring impact of genuine mentorship and connection. 

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Marta’s Essay:

Ms. Susan Stoltzfus is a very special teacher that means a lot to me! She is really nice and kind. She cares for everyone in the class.I like her because she is mostly joyful all the time. She is funny because she jokes around a lot. Being with her makes me laugh! She teaches our class lots of things like telling time. Learning how to tell time is one of my favorite lessons. She taught us all about telling analog and digital time. And when she tells us about a math page that has to do with money she always says, “Does that make cents?” Sense, get it?

Something unique about her is that we have a puppet raccoon named Shaun. We can write to him and he will write back. Even though we know it is just Ms. Stoltzfus, we think it is fun! Here is a silly poem about my teacher.

She is funny
I think she likes bunnies
She teaches me moneys
And we are best buddies.

Whenever someone that doesn’t go to our school shares with us she sometimes has us
illustrate and write a thank you card for them. And if our class doesn’t make one the whole school does, otherwise they don’t get one but we do our best to be generous to people that did something for us.

Now back to Ms. Stoltzfus: one thing about her is that pretty much every time I walk in to tell her how I’m feeling every morning she smiles. That is how I know that we are both having a good day so far. She is very good at education like all teachers. She is also passionate and an awesome teacher. It is a pleasure to spend hours with her during the school day.

By: Marta S. – 2nd grade

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