Dining hall

Sharing food together is one way we build community.

Our dining hall staff has perfected the art of preparing and serving delicious hot meals or deluxe salads to go during the 2020-21 school year with COVID-19 precautions! The dining hall meals are available for grades 6-12 at this time.

The homemade goodness is safe and accessible to all. Students have adjusted to our new systems and all is going smoothly and safely at lunch. Hot lunch and salad option is available daily with the menu on the web calendar. Lunch count is taken at the beginning of each day, so students can decide to purchase at the last moment. Packers can buy milk, ice cream or even a dinner roll if they are available that day.

Students eat with their class groups and maintain physical distancing throughout lunch. Often, they go outside when weather permits. Middle school students are not permitted to have their phones out at lunch time (or any time).

Our dining services team takes pride in creating wholesome and nutritious lunches. Most all of our menu items are made from scratch, or freshly baked each morning, including homemade desserts and cookies.

Our kitchen maintains a restaurant license and our staff holds ServSafe certifications, ensuring that our food is prepared in a clean and safe environment.  Each of our lunch menus provide all the required food groups, meeting all regulations and recommendations of the FDA and other compliance standards.

You can know that your student will enjoy delicious and nutritious lunches each day.  So, if purchasing portion foods and making a packed lunch each morning gets tedious, give our dining hall lunches a try!

All billing is done through student FACTS accounts. For those students who qualify, we offer free and reduced price lunches, through the National School Lunch Program. To start the application, log in to MealTime. You will need your child's student ID number to complete the form.

Banquet services are available for special events. See more about facility rentals here. 

EMS uses MealTime to maintain lunch accounts. MealTime balances are imported monthly into our FACTS billing system so that you do NOT need to add money to your student's MealTime account. Creating an account is OPTIONAL, but allows you, the parent, access to see all the lunch activity for your student in one place.

  • Student lunch - $3.65
  • Adult lunch - $4.60

EMS offers a discount if you pay for the whole year of lunches. To take advantage of this option, please contact Susie Hardy in the business office hardys@easternmennonite.org

  • $620.50 for the year, receive 10 free lunches
  • $317.55 for the semester, receive 3 free lunches