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Christmas Fund Drive

Thank you to everyone who responded to students. They phoned, wrote letters and talked to you in person, inviting you to participate in our fund drive!

Students raised nearly $140,000 in 2018 with the senior class raising more than $50,000 as the top earning high school class and the middle school surpassing $17,000 for the top earning middle school class.

Everyone's participation mattered. We collectively wrote more letters to alumni than ever, with senior Lily Byer '19 writing more than 200 herself!

Your gifts make EMS possible... the experiential learning, life together in a community of faith, extraordinary choral music, growing STEM opportunities and financial aid for all.

Thank you!

We move into a new school year with energy and excitement. We welcome your ongoing support through:

Watch a video that Lily Harmison '20 and friends created for this year's drive!