Fifth Grade Graduation Celebrates Each Student’s Contribution

May 30, 2019 / Andrea Wenger
Grad Photo

Eighteen fifth graders enjoyed a rite of passage at Eastern Mennonite Elementary School this morning as they participated in the Fifth Grade Graduation ceremony.

The 2019 fifth grade graduates on May 30, 2019 were: Sophie Bahn, David Berry, Raymond Colon, Jackson Comfort, Gia Gredler, Mia Gredler, Charlie Hamblin, Nicholas Hansohn, Evan Holland, Rainey Ignosh, Corina Jahne, Nate Koch, Cooper Landes, Marshall Nichols, Nathan Pineo, Emily Rogers, Augusta Seibert, Eliza Warren.

Each fifth grader shared comments during the ceremony, many thanking teachers, listing their favorite things about the school and naming special memories.

Jodi Beachy, fifth grade teacher in her 11th and final year with the program, shared several sentences about each student quoting students’ comments about what they appreciate and admire about each graduate.

When Maria Archer, K-8 principal, handed graduates their certificate, she also shared phrases about each one that described their character and gifted abilities. After the students received their certificates, the group enjoyed a slideshow of images from the school year, prepared by Mrs. Archer.

“It is so meaningful to be in a setting where everyone is celebrated for what they have to offer the community,” said Carissa Gredler, mother of graduates Gia and Mia. “As an educator myself, I’m especially impressed by the time and consideration that the teachers gave in affirming each student’s unique gift.”

Following the ceremony, the graduates greeted each of the K-4 students and teachers with a handshake before moving into the auditorium foyer for a reception with their parents.

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