Budding Scientists Learn from Budding Teachers

October 29, 2019 / Andrea Wenger
EMES Science Fun Day 2019
EMES Science Fun Day 2019

High school honors students in Kevin Carini‘s physics and chemistry classes held a science fun day for elementary students earlier this month.

“I like to make time to do this each year because it’s something our students can offer back to the community,” says Carini. Service is part of the EMS mission, an important value across the K-12 curriculum at EMS, and sharing experiences across age groups is common.

Everyone benefits from the activities. Young scientists get hands-on experience, and build relationships with older students who they see around school, and at athletic events.

“It’s so fun to see how excited the younger students are when they get to know the older students personally,” says Shannon Roth, government teacher and mother of an EMES first-grader. “The big kids high five the little ones in the hall and make them feel special.”

The science fun also provided an opportunity for students to explore interests in teaching. “It’s good practice for them to have to explain the concepts we learn in class in very basic terms for a younger audience,” notes Carini. “Whether or not they pursue a teaching career, these are good skills to develop.”

Hands-on science is always a hit, notes Maria Archer, K-8 principal. “We are fortunate to be in an environment where our younger students can not only get this kind of experience, but they can see role models of older boys and girls who are strong students and leaders around the school.”

Photos by Andrew Gascho.

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